Powder explosive BERANIT – 1 (Ø28) is ammonium nitrate – TNT based on ammonium nitrate as oxidant and trinitrotoluene (TNT) as additive with certain addition of organic fuels, substances and means that help protect explosive from moisture and curing.


Since powder explosive is constant at temperature changes it can be successfully applied at both low and high temperatures, with additional moisture protection due to hygroscopic features of the basic component. Depending on detonation speed and brisance, powder explosives BERANIT – 1 is applied in blasting where soft, medium or rocks of high degree of hardness exist in mining (surface mining, pits with no risk of methane or dangerous coal dust appearance), construction works, hydro construction, tunnel construction etc.

Combining powder and semi-plastic explosives BERANITS of higher brisance excellent gives excellent results in blasting materials of high degree of hardness. All powder explosives are extremely moisture sensitive even though certain chemical additives, as well as their polyethylene packing, lower the influence of ammonium nitrate hygroscopic features.


Powder explosive BERANIT-1 is initiated by a No.8 mining caps, electric detonator, non-electric detonators (system POLINEL) and detonating cord.