BERANEX-A, type ANFO is an explosive for civil usage. It is plain, relatively harmless explosive mixture composed of porous Ammonium Nitrate and diesel fuel. It is quite meuble.


Since detonating characteristics of these explosives are lower than classic powder ones, they are applied in blasting where soft or rocks of medium degree of hardness exist in mining, construction works and any kind of works where meuble material is wanted. They are applied directly into the drill hole. Since it is not water resistant it is applied exclusively in dry conditions. It is not to be used in pits with methane or explosive carbon dust.


Since BERANEX-A is not sensitive to initial impulse of DK No.8 mining caps and detonating cord, detonation booster is used (pentolite booster – min. 200 g) or the equivalent amount of stronger explosive for the civil usage.