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POLIEX was established in 1982 as the factory specialized for production of plastic explosives.

In order to expand our product range and to fulfill market needs through our own R&D, we have managed to start production of initiating devices for blasting in mining industry (electric detonators, non-electric detonators, detonating caps and delays for detonating cord) as well as production of semi plastic mining explosives for special applications in surface and underground blasting.

Today, “Poliex” has 50 employees which are, altogether with skillful and well experienced engineers, guarantee for quality of products and services. “Poliex” is a corporation where Montenegrin Government holds 46,4053% of the shares, Development Fund of Montenegro 4,3479% and the rest is held by small shareholders, 155 of them. The most important small shareholder is Mr. Slavko Vujisic, the General Manager of the corporation, who owns 25% of the shares.

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