Water resistant plastic explosives BERANIT – 30 P and BERANIT – 37 besides AN as oxidant and TNT as combustible component also contain water and highly molecular plasticizers which help them maintain high water resistance, high density, high and stabile detonation speed and above all high brisance as well as extremely safety feature.


Considering all above mentioned features these explosives are recommended whilst mining rocks of highest degree of hardness on surface drill holes (because of their negative oxygen ratio) especially where possible presence of water is expected. Since they are extremely resistant to hydrostatic pressure and since they have extremely constant detonation speed for given diameters, we recommend them even for seismic tests.


For not being sensitive to initial impulse of DK – 8 and detonating cord for their initiation detonation booster has to be used. In order to obtain full detonation speed we suggest molten (plastic) boosters whose diameter should be approximate to cartridge diameter. Come to booster and detonating cord, initiation is to be done from the top of the drill hole, and in case blasting is done with booster and Nonel (Polinel) detonator initiation is to be done from the bottom of the drill hole.