• Properties of additional destructive factors are kept at large extent-shrapnel and explosive power
• Fatal to live in natural and artificial shelters
• Design slightly different from the design of the conventional ammunition
• A large number of ammunition can be converted to thermobaric without change in design, air bomb for instance


Conventional ammunition charges contain both fuel and oxidants in their composition.
Thermobaric ammunition is made with high content of fuel, which, during the detonation starts to burn
due to the oxygen in its composition, and its combustion is extended during the process of expansion of the
explosive products which interact with the oxygen in the air, forming a fireball.
During the reaction with oxygen from the air the energy further increases the pressure in the frontal part of the
shock wave. Due to use of oxygen energy thermobaric composition exceeds the energy of the same amount
of conventional explosives several times.
Destructive effect of thermobaric ammunition is determined by the effect of the fireball at temperatures up to
1,500 degrees – thermal effect joined with the effect of blast waves, i.e. baric impact. During the explosion of
the thermobaric ammunition a strong shock wave, longer than with conventional explosives, is formed. This, in
comparison with conventional explosives, provides thermobaric ammunition with higher impulse of the shock
wave at the same pressure in its front. In addition, the shock waves derived from the explosion of thermobaric
composition is decreasing more slowly in comparison to shock wave of the conventional ammunition, and this
significantly increases the range of influence