POLINEL – nonelectric initiation system used for performing different kinds
of miner work (surface and underwater). Not applicable in inflammable
conditions or pits with methane. Approved at Safety Institute in Belgrade.

POLINEL – PK is composed of initial energy tube, detonator DK-6 with appropriate (0-176) delay placed into plastic
case- connector. Into this plastic case (connector) maximum 4 initial low energy POLINEL tubes can be placed.

POLINEL – MS (explosive charge initiator) is used for initiation of explosive charge in miner drill holes,
composed of low energy tube – NES and belonging detonator DK – 8 with 500 ms delay.

POLINEL – DD (dual delay) represents combined system of PK and MS initiators and is used for initiating
explosive charge. It is made of initial low energy tube – NES. This tube has DK – 6 (connector) detonator with
0 – 176 ms delay on one, and detonator DK – 8 with 500 ms delay on the other sid



Nonelectric system POLINEL is applied in controlled blasting works and represents dot initiating mean on the
given site of the explosive pole. POLINEL – PK and – Ms are applied as a single system while forming blasting
network. In this manner, POLINEL – PK produces (projected) dividing blasting network to which belonging – MS
systems are bound. Connector binding in system POLINEL is performed so that a loose end is left (at least 20cm).

POLINEL – DD application – with detonator DK – 8 impact cartridge is formed. This cartridge is then placed
together with the tube into the drill hole, and connector from the other side of the tube is tied up to the tube
from the neighbor drill hole and so on. Initiating POLINEL – DD is performed with electric detonators or DK – 8
that is connected to the pipe with adhesive tape.

System POLINEL product shelf life is 24 months provided that storage conditions are appropriate and it is kept
in its original packing. The temperature should not go bellow -20°C i.e. over +30°C, the air humidity should
not be higher than 75%. Storage has to be done according to the Law. Handling system POLINEL is identical to
handling other initial meas. After the work is done, any unused means are to be brought back to the storage.
Damaged goods are to be destroyed.

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