Makarov traumatic gun

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Makarov traumatic gun

Our company is developing technology of conversion of Makarov pistol into a traumatic gun, – a device for shooting using rubber bullets instead of live ammunition (PM-T).

Traumatic Pistol PM-T


  • Caliber: 9mm RA (9 × 22)
  • Length of the weapon: 161.5 mm
  • Barrel length: 93.5 mm
  • Weapon Height: 126.5 mm
  • Width of the weapon: 30.5 mm
  • Weight without cartridges: 730 g.
  • Store capacity: 8 cartridges
  • Average life of shots: 5000;


Description: Traumatic pistol PM-T uses rubber ammo and made on the basis of the famous military pistol Makarov (hence the abbreviation – PM-T). Designed for shooting non-lethal cartridges with an elastic bullet. The barrel of the PM-T has a design similar to that of the Grand Power T12 gun. The differences from the original Makarov pistol are reduced only to the used cartridge – 9mm P.A. with a rubber bullet instead of live ammunition 9×18. Thanks to this, the PM-T is the most authentic version of the submachine gun for a traumatic action cartridge.

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