Detonating caps DK 8 are means of initiation and lead to complete detonation
of explosive charges, detonating cords and nonelectric system
NONEL (POLINEL) on dry surface and underground workplaces with no
risk of methane or dangerous coal dust appearance. Depending on their
strength, detonating caps are produced from number 1 to number 10.


• Detonating caps are very dangerous product and have to be handled carefully; instructions are to be followed.
• Strong detonating impulse and short detonating process cause very strong destruction effect in short distance.
• Caps can not be thrown, tumbled or pressed. Initial charge is highly sensitive to impact, abrasion, flame or sparks.
• Electro-conductive objects by any means can not be placed into detonator. Completing the detonator with
safety fuse is harmless because the fuse itself has high isolation features while dry.
• Self-detonating temperature is higher than 120°C
• Detonating caps preserve their functional feature for 24 months after production date if stored in a dry
and cool, well-ventilated place where the temperature does not go bellow -20°C i.e. over +30°C and the
air humidity is not higher than 75%.


• Penetration of leaded panel
– DK -8 penetrates 40x40x5mm leaded panel. Aperture diameter has to be bigger than outer diameter
of the detonator.
– DK -8 leads to complete detonation of the explosive charge made of 60% TNT and 40% of talc.