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    • White and yellow dough with no additives, • It is formed with hands (no waste), • Maintains reached form (shape), • Density………………………..min. 1,50 g/cm³, • Detonation speed……………..min. 7400 m/s, • Accepts detonating cord initiation impulse (minimum line density 10g/m, weather the detonating cord is wrapped around explosive charge or the explosive charge is formed around the node of the detonating cord) • Transmits detonation from active to passive detonating explosive charge up to 5 cm distance, • Not sensitive to bullet shot, • There is no excudation (liquid component separation), • Handling and transporting is safe, • Protected or not, does not detonate if dropped from 10 m height to solid concrete surface , • Does not contain material that would endanger people’s health, • Has no chemical influence to materials used to build the elements, • Applicable with no restraints regarding hydro-meteorological conditions, • Shaped in dependency of blasting objects and maintains reached shape, • Can be transported in any vehicle, • Maintains physical, chemical and explosive features whilst maintaining quality of shaping and initiating, there is no decomposition or destruction and does not absorb water while reacting: 1. Salty water up to one year and up to 60 m dept, 2. River water up to two months and up to 6 m dept, 3. Atmosphere factors (sun, rain, cold) up to one year, 4. Spring water up to two months, 5. Soil up to 2,5 m dept with frequent underground waters up to 2,5 months.