Due to the lack of disinfectants, the chemical industry “Poliex” donated 22 thousand liters to the municipalities in the north and the National Coordination Body for Infectious Diseases (NKT).
The owner of the factory, Slavko Vujisic, said that immediately after the deficit appeared on the market, they realized that they could produce a disinfectant and offer it to the market, which they informed the Ministry of Economy and NKT, while in the meantime they imported the necessary components for production.

“Of course, we did an analysis in the Center for Ecotoxicological Research and first took care of our workers and families, then we made available 22 thousand liters as a donation and assistance to all municipalities in the north that gravitate from Mojkovac, Berane, Andrijevica, Petnjica, Rozaje and Plav. would be here to try to help as well as NKT. Most of these institutions have taken over all that, while NKT has not yet taken over the donation “, said Vujisić.

“Polyasept is a product based on perisacetic acid and it is an irreplaceable agent in disinfection in the food industry, in breweries, cheesemakers, butchers, etc., because it is active oxygen. And for that purpose and because of its price and efficiency, as far as I know, it is irreplaceable “, said Vujisić.