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Our management works as a team which accomplishes desired goals and objectives using existing resources effectively.

Through our business strategy we tend to fulfill our vision and our longterm objectives, and in the background of every decision is mutual hard work.

Contemporaneously to the planning process we have put the accent on forecasting method which allows us to develop the picture of future economic environment. This attitude makes factory management and the company itself prepared for future challenges.

POLIEX capabilities

Our Team
Technological capacities
Development capacities
Slavko Vujišić
owner of the company
Petar Trifunović
Petar TrifunovićCEO
Co-owner of the company
Živko Andrić
Živko AndrićDirector of Research and Development Centre
M. Sc. Technology
Zoran Popović
Zoran PopovićDipl. hemičar
Stanica Đurišić
Stanica ĐurišićBSc Law
Marijana Obradović
Marijana ObradovićBSc Economics
Biljana Stanišić
Biljana StanišićBsc Chemistry
Kristina Vujisić
Kristina VujisićMBA - Master of Business Administration
Marinko Senić
Marinko SenićBsc Chemistry
Čedo Golić
Čedo GolićBsc Technology
Slobodan Mijović
Slobodan MijovićBsc Technology
Meksud Zrnanović
Meksud ZrnanovićBsc Eng Mining
Andela Zrnanović
Andela ZrnanovićBsc Technology